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Every Adopt a Swimmer (AAS) program aims to teach swimming lessons and water safety to 36 children at risk and 14 shark spotters in our local community. It takes between 12 to 18 months for children to learn these like skills, depending on the student’s development and progress.

The Shark Spotters are included in our programme, and there are many children on the waiting list from outlying areas and from Born in Africa. These are all children we would love to support.

Our programme is age–appropriate and includes the following over and above learning to swim:

  • A visit to the NSRI Station
  • An educational trip out to sea sponsored by Ocean Safaris
  • Lessons at the lagoon and central beach
  • Collaboration with Plett Tourism, Shark Spotters and The Black Mermaid Foundation
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Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg BayAdopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything. But still, I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

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Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

The cost of sponsoring a student is R7000.00 per year.

A breakdown of funding is available from our accountants.

This funding covers:

Coaching staff support: A significant portion of the funds is dedicated to compensating our qualified coaching staff. These individuals play a pivotal role in teaching, coaching, and guiding the students through their swimming journey. It is essential to note that our coaches are highly qualified and undergo annual continued professional development to stay informed about the latest techniques and technologies in swimming instruction.

Transportation assistance: Recognising the unique challenges faced by underprivileged children, we understand the importance of providing reliable transportation. A portion of funds are allocated to cover the costs associated with collecting the students from their respective homes and ensuring their safe return after each session. This not only enhances accessibility to our program but also ensures the well-being and safety of the children involved.

Equipment: A percentage of funding enables us to purchase essential equipment needed to conduct swimming lessons such as kick boards, flippers, and noodles. These items are essential for beginner swimmers to gain confidence and coordination in the water.

Clothing: Every year AAS purchases T-shirts with our logo on for the students and volunteers. When we have a big event, extra T-shirts are purchased for the many volunteers and presenters that participate.

General running costs: This includes media engagements, administration, coach support stipends, bookkeeping and all equipment and clothing listed.

Accounting: Bizrev runs our books and financials, auditing the NGO every year.

Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

By contributing to the Adopt a Swimmer program, you are directly impacting the lives of these children, giving them access to quality coaching, mentorship, and a chance to develop valuable life skills through swimming.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in the use of funds, and we will provide regular updates on the progress and impact of the program.

Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of these young swimmers.

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