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Here’s where the magic happens – in and out of the water

Meet the team

Adopt a Swimmer has two qualified coaches and eight volunteers, as well as additional supports who work together to make the programme a success.

It’s true: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

Board Members

  • Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

    Louise AuerspergFounder

    A Transkei native, Louise’s life is a testament to resilience, compassion, and unwavering determination. From her early years to her current endeavours, Louise’s journey has been shaped by her passion for helping others and her deep connection to the water. From conquering learning disabilities and severe epilepsy to pursuing her passion for hair fashion at a technical college, Louise has refused to let challenges define her. She has studied preaching, volunteered with Lifeline, and dedicated herself to working with children and the less fortunate. She has been an activist, risking her safety to reach out to those in need and speak out against injustice, and travelled across Mozambique with her husband. Throughout her life journey, Louise has always been drawn back to the water, which she believes is healing and transformative. Her certifications in lifesaving and coaching include LTS, Coaching Level 1, Red Cross Rescue USA, and First Aid Level. She even taught swimming in the USA for six weeks in Atlanta, further spreading her message of empowerment and resilience.

  • Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

    Francois GeldenhuysFinancial director and advisor

    From humble beginnings, Francois has carved a career business, embarking on his professional journey at a remarkably young age and setting the stage for a career defined by proficiency in financial management and astute decision-making. Francois’s journey has been shaped by a steadfast commitment to identifying and resolving challenges. Having benefited from the guidance of mentors who helped shape his own trajectory, Francois understands the importance of mentorship and is ready to pay it forward, offering his knowledge and insights by mentoring others as they embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys. Whether it’s providing guidance to small rural enterprises or navigating corporate complexities in urban settings, Francois is sharing his passion for resolving business woes and unlocking the potential for growth and prosperity.

  • Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay

    Clayton BischoffPartner

    Local business owner, chef, surfer, surf coach, world traveller, nature lover and philanthropist, Clayton has made it his mission in life to positively change the lives of people around him, whether it’s mentoring a student, counselling a friend or staff member, advising a business associate, or just answering a call from someone in need. Currently the owner of Surf Café Plett, Clayton has launched surfing schools and local surf brands. His philanthropic journey began in 2006 when he launched a surfing outreach program that gives street kids and local disadvantaged youths the opportunity to discover a different lifestyle through surfing. Today, his non-for-profit organisation, Adopt a Surfer, is a close collaborator of Adopt a Swimmer.


Media & marketing

Roxanne Churchyard
Carved Media

Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg BayCarved Media’s collaboration with Adopt a Swimmer runs deep, with our team honoured to entrusted with the responsibility of handling AAS’s social media marketing, content creation, and photography and editing needs, particularly during the pivotal Friday afternoon sessions. Through our lens and words, we strive to capture the essence of these sessions, highlighting the dedication, perseverance, and joy that radiates from every swimmer. Our goal is to not only showcase the incredible work being done by Adopt a Swimmer but also to inspire others to join in their support.

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Web design & development

Chad Wright
The Wright Designs

Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg BayThe Wright Designs is proud to support Adopt a Swimmer's mission by crafting a custom website to elevate their online presence. This bespoke solution, designed and developed entirely by our team, will serve as a powerful tool to spread awareness about their cause and attract potential sponsors. By creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, we hope to empower Adopt a Swimmer to reach a wider audience and achieve even greater success. With our ongoing maintenance and support services, we stand by Adopt a Swimmer every step of the way, ensuring their online presence continues to flourish and make a meaningful difference in the lives of swimmers in need.

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Copy editor

Nadine von Moltke

Nadine loves supporting local South African businesses and causes that help, inspire, and strive to build stronger South African communities, particularly for our country’s most precious resource: our children. Assisting Louise and Adopt a Swimmer through strategic web content that shares AAS’s passion and purpose has been an honour.


Julia Evan (Daily Maverick)
Carved Media
Matt Leppan
Gustav Schlechter



Lize van Rooyen

The patience, care and never-ending belief of Louise in each of the pupils is something I strive towards. Her ability to understand the needs and skill level of each individual, teach them how to swim, and foster a love for water is remarkable. There have been many moments of joy in the pool. One that I will cherish forever was when a new pupil who had never been in a pool before climbed into the water fearful and uncertain. Once a noodle was fastened around his waist and he realized he was able to float, he burst out laughing in disbelief; a laughter of pure enjoyment from deep within. His fear faded, and this youngster has made immense progress with swimming. It is a genuine privilege to work alongside Louise, the legacy of AAS is great and has changed many lives.

Grace Ash

It’s been nothing short of fulfilling to dedicate my available time to such a meaningful cause. As someone who’s always had a strong connection to the water, sharing my love for it with the brave and passionate kids in the program has been an absolute joy. AAS is truly one of a kind, and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of it. From witnessing their first strokes to seeing their confidence soar, every moment spent with these amazing kids reinforces the value of this experience.

Arianne Bauer

Joining ASS as a volunteer has been such an amazing journey. To see how the children’s relationship with water changes over time as they grow more and more confident is life-changing. Whenever I think about AAS I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had the opportunity to impact the swimmers’ lives and experience their joy in the water.

Memory wall

Adopt A Swimmer - Plettenberg Bay
In loving memory of Peter Auersperg (middle right) who was an original founder of the AAS Program, and Keegan Till (far right) who was part of our swimming program.